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Cryogenic Lipolysis FAQs

  • IS IT FOR ME - You are an ideal candidate for cryolipolysis, if you possess a relatively good shape, marred by some areas of stubborn fat bulges, which do not respond to exercise, or a healthy diet and also do not require surgery.  If you are part of the general population who looks at that part of your body and thinks "no matter what I do I can't shift that" then this is for you.
  • HOW DOES IT WORK - This cold-based technology uses a non-invasive applicator that is applied to a specific area and cools the fat cells to just above freezing, causing crystallization of the fat cells. The crystallized cells then break apart and are naturally metabolized by the body very slowly and leave the body through natural channels.
  • WHERE CAN IT BE USED - It is designed to target and reduce (20-30% with each treatment) the resistant fat bulges on the flanks (love handles), abdomen, and back.  It's those areas that 'just won't go' no matter what diet and exercise programme you try.  Quite often around the waist there are stubborn 'pouches' of fat that just won't move.  This is for them.
  • IS IT SAFE - Absolutely safe. It's not an operation as the treatment is entirely external.  No needles, no hospitals and no scalpels!  The treatment involves lying down for around an hour whilst the machine is applied to the area to be treated.  You can go back to your normal life straight after the treatment.  Over 00million was invested in developing the process and it was ratified for use in Europe in 2009 and the US in 2010.  Millions of people worldwide have been treated since.
  • HOW IS IT DONE - All patients have their “Before” photographs taken, and have the body area to be treated measured. The area to be treated is covered with a gel pad to protect the skin. A specially designed cooling applicator cup is applied to the desired area of fat. The applicator cup uses a gentle (but somewhat startling) vacuum pressure to draw the excess skin and underlying fat between two cooling panels.  This remains in place for 30 - 60 minutes.  
  • WHEN DO I START SEEING RESULTS - You will experience a gradual reduction of the fat layer, continuing from two weeks to four months’ time. Your body will continue to process the injured fat cells from your body for approximately four months after your procedure. The procedure can reduce the treated fat layer by up to 20-30%.
  • WHAT ARE THE SIDE EFFECTS - There are hardly any reported long term side effects from the treatment.  Short term you may have some sensitivity around the area and light bruising and swelling for a couple of days.  You will recieve a full pre-treatment screening and post-treatment after-care card so that you have the most effective outcome.  You can return to your normal activity patterns as soon as you feel comfortable which can be straight away.
  • WHO CAN'T HAVE IT DONE - Anyone who is recieving treatment for serious illnesses, people with skin complaints and those who have cold-affected illnesses.  For the general population most people are fine to have the treatment done.
  • WHAT DOES IT COST - This is a premium treatment.  Prices across the world vary which has more to do with the premises than the treatment.  High end medical-based beauty treatment centres charge up to £1,500.  Don't even ask what they charge in Hollywood!! The average around the world appears to be in the region of £500 - £750.  Because we operate from home we remove all of the overheads driving up the price so we can bring you the treatment at the launch price of £199.00.
  • WHEN CAN I HAVE IT DONE - Any time you like.  We have bookings available during the day, evenings and weekends but do call for availabilty.   Best number is 07939 126520.