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Cryogenic Lipolysis


Cryogenic Lipolysis uses a computer controlled machine that allows you to target specific body parts to shrink your fat.   

In a pain free process we apply the 'handles' to your body for a 45 - 60 minute treatment.  This process has been used the world over and is safe and free from side effects.

Typically you see results in 2 - 4 weeks with measurable shrinkage in the areas that we target.  You can target mutiple areas sequentially for an all round fat loss experience.

Read more about it on Wikipedia.  On this site Wikipedia reports that treatments are £750 per session.  We charge £199.00.


Sometimes called coolsculpting CL is also sometimes called Lunchtime-Lipo.  It works by freezing the fat cells which then break-down and exit the body naturally.

The story is that a doctor once saw that kids who sucked popsicles had dimples.  The dimples were caused because there was very little fat where the skin had come into contact with the cold surface.  The doctor assumed that the cold had killed off the fat cells and after much research invented the Fat Freezing process.

We don't know how true that story is but it makes sense when you consider what happens.

In a treatment the machine pulls your fat into a cell where it is cooled to between +5 to -10 degrees.  This freezing process causes the fat cells to freeze.  Imagine now that the fat has become like a honey comb.  Once it has frozen it breaks in structure and the fat then leaves the body through it natural process.

The process was authorised for use in Europe in September 2009 and in the US in 2010.   

How does it feel?

Honestly?  It feels a little odd.

You lie on a treatment table and we apply a barrier gel before applying the handles to the treatment area.  

The machine is then set.  The handles then 'suck' the skin into their cells where the cold is applied.  It can feel a little odd to start with but you quickly get used to it.  

Read more on our FAQs page