Special Services

So you have something that you want to do that you think is a little out of the ordinary?

That's fine.  We can help.  Just call us now with your requirements and we can talk you through the options.  This page describes some of the things that we can do for you and some of the case references from our previous successes.


So you have tried everything.  The weight loss classes, the cardio workouts, the Atkins Diet, the Paleo Diet, the DVD's, the lot.

And they've not worked.

It may be down to you actually doing something that is just wrong for your body.  Our simple DNA test reveals exactly what's right and wrong for you based upon a scientific analysis.  We help you tailor your exercise and eating habits to get hte results you want.

What you will learn from this simple test will blow your mind and change your ways for life.

An no.  It's not the DNA test as seen on the Jeremy Kyle show.  It's the DNA test used by the trainers and coaches of all the top Olympic and Professional athletes to enhance their performance.

Race for Life

So you haven't run since leaving school years ago.  Now you'e signed up for Race for Life and you don't know where to start.  That's fine.  We can get you over the finish line.


Carole was a 46 year old mum of 2.  As above she hadn't run for 30 years but wanted to complete the race for life in memory of her mum.

With a short programme of strength and cardio work we helped her achieve her goal.  And she raised over £400 in the process for a good cause.

Get a Group Together

If the cost of one-to-one training is putting you off then get a little group together and share the expense.  

Often you can have more fun and motivation when there is a group of you as you can push each other along through shared experience.

Benefit from 22 years of experience in Circuits, Toning, Spinning, Box-Fit, Martial Arts, Aerobics, Pilates, Lifting, Stretching and Suspension training.  

Wedding Packages

You want to look amazing on your special day so let's help you get into the shape of your lifetime for those all important photos.

Joe & Angie

Joe & Angie spent 4 months getting into the shape of their lives for the wedding. They looked fabulous as well as enjoying our 2 for 1 wedding rates.


We have helped golfers improve their power and control to lower their handicap with better play.


We have helped runners improve their times through strength and stamina work specific to their discipline.


We have helped cyclists improve leg strength, cadence and performance.  Combined with weight loss (less to carry up the hills) our clients have made great performance gains.

Improve Kids Time

So the kids are growing up and you want to spend more quality time with them.  You need our help.


Colin was a professional footballer.  After injury he settled into corporate life and developed the company-bod.  As his kids grew up he found it harder to keep up especially as he was refereeing their Sunday league games.
With our help Colin lost nearly 4 stone and had a new found zest for life that helped him enjoy his time with his kids.