Personal Training in Wisbech

So the time has come for change.  Start today by enroling on one of our programmes that delivers a whole new you.  Working in harmony with your hectic lifestyle you can achieve the goals that you have always wanted.

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Personal Training

Our Personal Training Packages are exactly that.  Come to us or we come to you to blend the physical and food programme to create a whole new you.  Devised by experts with years of experience with lots of successful customers.

Sports Massage

Relieve those aches and strains with an effective sports massage.  Combine it with mood shaping essential aromatherapy oils to refresh and revitalise.

Special Services

Need to achieve something out of the ordinary?  Then our special services can help:
DNA Based Training & Nutrition
Sport Specific Training
New Starter packages
Wedding Packages
Hollywood Fat Freezing

How to get Started?

Phone us now to book in.

Let us know what you want to achieve as well as when and how you want to achieve it.

Then be ready.  

We are a really friendly bunch of highly qualified and experienced trainers so we can adapt to any circumstances you may need us to.

You can pay by credit or debit card by clicking on the links in the 'About Us' page.

What will happen?

You will get results!

The programme you undertake will be specific to you.  The programme will be SMART:
S = Specific
M = Measurable
A = Achieveable
R = Realistic
T= Time bound

Depending upon what you want to achieve you will have personally managed sessions with some homework.  No fad diets. Jut healthy sensible advice and guidance from a qualified expert.

Areas Covered

We cover the whole of Wisbech and the surrounding villages out to Murrow, Guyhirn, Upwell, Marshland St James, Long Sutton and everything in between.

Benefit 1

You achieve better results faster.  
The PT knows what you need and can be a positve external influence on your outcomes.  Their experience is based upon research and practice.

Benefit 2

You avoid injuries.  
The PT knows the best practice for the exercises they prescribe.  So you can enjoy a better outcome without fear of personal risk.

Benefit 3

Overcome Plateaus.
The PT knowns when and how to adapt your programme to overcome those nasty little plateaus that slow down your gains to keep you on track.

Fitness for perfection

You can achieve what you want to achieve when you have the right support and guidance around you.

Try doing sports today

Not sure it's for you?  
Book a 1 hour taster session just to give it a try.

Think You are Special?

That's OK.

We can help you.

With years of experience of many different sports and activities we know what you need to do to improve.  Whether you have an underlying health issue or a specific requirement (i.e. you want to do your first race for life) then we have all the tools in the kitbag to make you successful.

Stop Scrolling - Start Phoning

We guess you are here because you want to change.  So make that call right now.

The number is top left of the screen - 07939 126520 if you missed it - so call us whilst this is all fresh in your mind and let's get you booked in.  

The sooner you start, the sooner you will see results.


Unique to STASports is that we can incorporate water based workouts in our pool.  So if you have joint issues or are recovering from injury our special hydro-sessions are ideal to help you keep in shape.

They are also perfect for the more mature of our customers as it helps mobility without impact.

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