DNA Testing

Diet & Fitness tailored exactly for you.
No guesswork - this is purely you based upon your genes.

It's in the Genes

Your DNA is your genetic signature.  It is what makes you YOU.

So many diet and fitness programmes and groups work on what is OK for the averages.  But they are not right for you.  How many people do you know who have been to a diet club/gym/sports club and have been going for years and don't look any different?  They never seem to get into better shape.

It's because they are doing things that are designed for other people - NOT for them personally.

DNA testing tells us EXACTLY what you can and cannot do/eat/drink in order to be the best version of you that you can be.  

A simple swab test and 10 - 14 days later you will have a personalised plan to make you the best ever version of you based upon what your body can achieve.

Where Does it Come From

DNA testing was discovered in the mid-1980s.  The science allowed society to identify one specific person from the billions on earth because their 'DNA signature' was unique to that individual.  

Each 'switch' controls a specific element of your body.  Scientists immediately started to study each switch to identify what it influenced in order to find the secret switch that would identify the perfect sportsperson.  What they were looking for was 'the sprinter gene' or 'the boxing gene'.  Of course there was not one.  

What they found though were a series of factors that would identify whether you could be a good sprinter or boxer or cyclist etc.  From that specific diet and fitness training plans were created that allowed them to take the top 1% of athletes worldwide and make them better based upon what the science of their body would accommodate and tolerate.

No point trying to make a sprinter out of someone who is genetically pre-disposed to powerlifting.  Now you can be part of that 1%